Lab 10 - RAID & Network (revision 151125-r01)

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  1. Have you joined SCELE Operating Systems?
  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
  3. Report through SCELE Technical Problem should you find any problems!
  4. Remember, Uncle G is your friend!


  1. Boot your PC through ltsp (don't press any key during boot)
  2. Login using your account
  3. Open terminal and ssh with your username on os1xx machine (Change xx with your assigned VM number).
    $ ssh
  4. Create KELAS/NPM/Lab10 directory. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, replace it with your class (REG, INT, MTX) and student ID.
    $ mkdir -p TESTING/1202000818/Lab10
    $ cd TESTING/1202000818/Lab10/
  5. Do the following to prepare the examination:
    $ wget
    $ chmod +x UPDATE.x
    $ ./UPDATE.x
    $ rm -f UPDATE.x


  1. Using the VM Terminal: Do the RAID Tutorial in a group.
  2. Using LTSP Ubuntu: Do the Just For Fun: Network Tutorial. IMPORTANT: Do this tutorial OUTSIDE the VM machine.
  3. Copy catat-Lab10.txt that you made to the VM machine.


  1. Within your group, discuss and write a pdf contains solution for RAID problems:
    1. Minimum 2 problems for the topic RAID on Arsip Ujian(183.pdf page 41, 184.pdf page 17, 94.pdf page 37).
      Note: Do this OUTSIDE the VM machine. Do NOT wait until the lab session to do this task, do it as soon as possible so that you can focus on doing tutorial tasks instead on the lab session.
      Give the solution pdf named lab10.pdf.
  2. Copy the solution lab10.pdf to your VM. Put it in Lab10 directory. Hint: Use scp but put the origin and destination in reverse to copy it to your VM home directory. Then move the file to your Lab10 directory.
  3. Execute genbio script
    $ genbio
  4. Do md5sum Tutorial.
  5. Do Examination Tutorial.
  6. Put all your files and documents in KELAS-NPM-Lab10.tar.bz2 archive. Replace KELAS with your class (A160, B160, C160, D160, E160, EXT160, MTX160), NPM with your student ID.
    $ cd ..
    $ tar cvjf TESTING-1202000818-Lab09.tar.bz2 Lab10/
  7. Copy the tar.bz2 file to your ltsp. For example using filename before and change username to your username used to login into ltsp. Enter password when prompted.
    $ scp TESTING-1202000818-Lab10.tar.bz2
  8. Submit your document to Scele. Each person should submit:
    1. myself.txt
    2. raid-Lab10.txt
    3. catat-Lab10.txt
    4. WHAT-IS-THIS.txt
    5. disks.txt
    6. mdadm.conf
    7. mdstat.txt
    8. mdstat-recovery.txt
    9. mdstat-removed.txt
    10. mdstat-faulty.txt
    11. lab10.pdf
    12. MD5SUM
    13. MD5SUM.asc
    14. .periksa
  9. That's it, folks. Have fun for the rest of the week.

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