Lab04: Fork (revision 140710-r01KI)



  1. If you need to re-check tutorials from previous labs, please access Tutorial Quick Links.


  1. Login into Lab's Ubuntu, then open Terminal.
  2. Enter your KELAS/NPM directory , then make Lab04 directory inside. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, replace it with your class and student ID.
    $ mkdir -p TESTING/1202000818/
    $ cd TESTING/1202000818/
    $ mkdir Lab04
    $ cd Lab04
  3. Do the following to prepare the examination:
    $ wget
    $ chmod +x UPDATE.x
    $ ./UPDATE.x
    $ rm -f UPDATE.x
  4. Open new Tab for Terminal with <Ctrl> <Shift> <t>
  5. Do the following and input your SIAK's password if asked.


  1. Listen to the Tutorial about Fork.
  2. Do the Fork Problem.

Examination and Submission

  1. Execute genbio script
    $ genbio
  2. Do md5sum Tutorial.
  3. Do Examination Tutorial.
  4. Exit from Lab04 directory, then create a file named KELAS-NPM-Lab04.tar.bz2 contains Lab04 directory and its content. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, change with your KELAS (REG142, EXT142, INT142) and your student ID.
    $ cd ..
    $ tar cvjf TESTING-1202000818-Lab04.tar.bz2 Lab04/
  5. Lab04 directory must contain these files:
    1. myself.txt
    2. fork01.c
    3. fork01
    4. fork02.c
    5. fork02
    6. fork03.c
    7. fork03
    8. fork04.c
    9. fork04
    10. fork04.txt
    11. catat-Lab04.txt
    12. MD5SUM
    13. MD5SUM.asc
    14. .periksa
  6. Do Assignment Submission in Scele to submit your compressed archive.
  7. This marks the end of the tutorial today.