Lab 03: Pointer, Struct, Scripting 2 (revision 130911-r04KI)

  1. Open ova Core Plus that you use last week in Virtual Box and open Terminal. If you forget bring ova Core Plus last week, then please follow the Oh No! I Forgot My Ova! Tutorial.
  2. Update your working directory at CLASS/NPM with last updated work. For example, CLASS is TESTING and NPM is 1202000818, change it with your class and student ID.
    $ cd TESTING/1202000818
    $ svn update
    $ UPCEK
  3. Take your token today at apps os.
  4. Create Lab03 directory inside CLASS/NPM directory. All of today's task should be put in lab03 directory.
    $ mkdir Lab03
    $ svn add Lab03
    $ svn commit -m "Submit Lab03 o yeah!" 
    $ cd Lab03/
  5. For today's Lab, you can refer to vi Cheat Sheet this and that. If you can read in Bahasa, additionally you can read Panduan vi, Panduan Pointer, Panduan Struct and Panduan Manipulasi String.
  6. Based on Pointer and Struct tutorial that have been done last week, please complete Pointer and Struct Tutorial.
  7. Complete Scripting Tutorial.
  8. Complete Scripting Implementation.
  9. Do MD5SUM.
  10. Please check and submit your work.

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