Lab 01 - Partition, YUMI and Live (revision 150907-r01)

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  1. Have you joined SCELE Operating Systems?
  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
  3. Report through SCELE Technical Problem should you find any problems!
  4. Remember, Uncle G is your friend!


  1. You can only do this tutorial if you bring the flash disk that is lent from the faculty.
  2. You may use your own laptop or Lab's computer to do the tasks.
  3. Make sure you have grouped with your fellow students. Remember the minimum is 2, maximum 4.


  1. Pair up with the person sitting beside you. Decide whos flash disk will be installed and whos will be the installer.
  2. Your task is to install Ubuntu to your flash disk in the THIRD (ext4) partition. This installation should resulted as a BOOTABLE Ubuntu.
  3. Create a user with your name in the bootable Ubuntu. Put a password to protect it.
  4. The person which flash disk is the installer will need to borrow flash disk from teaching assistants to install to his/her own flash disk.
  5. Make sure that the Ubuntu that you installed has these programs:
    1. gcc : Compile C & C++ code
    2. firefox : Web browser
    3. pdftk : Create PDF documents
    4. gnupg : Create digital signature (gpg)
    5. rng-tools : Emulate random bit generator quickly for gpg creation. For details please see this page
    6. JRE & JDK : Java programming
    7. openssh : Connect through ssh port
    8. tar : Handle tar archive
    9. flash : to show flash documents in browser (such as Youtube)
    10. bash : Scripting syntax
    11. vim : text editor
    12. mdadm : create RAID drives
    13. zip : Handle zip archive
  6. Don't forget to take a note on your findings to the task above.


  1. Create a pdf document that explains:
    1. Steps to install bootable Ubuntu in the third partition of the flash disk.
      Remember that each group should submit only one pdf document. Make sure that you put the details of the team members into the document.
  2. Submit your group's document to Scele. Each group should only submit once.
  3. Each student must also contact an assistant to give demo on his/her bootable Ubuntu.
  4. That's it, folks. Have fun for the rest of the week.

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