Lab01: Operating System Fundamental Tutorial (revision 140811-r02KI)


  1. Have you joined SCELE Operating Systems? Further info is in forum.akademis: Reg/Matrix/EXT/KI.
  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
  3. Have you joined Projects? Report through SCELE Technical Problem should you find any problems!

Now let's start Lab01 Tutorial!


  1. Login into Lab's Ubuntu, then open Terminal.
  2. Enter your KELAS/NPM directory , then make Lab01 directory inside. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, replace it with your class (REG142, INT142, EXT142) and student ID.
    $ mkdir -p TESTING/1202000818/
    $ cd TESTING/1202000818/
    $ mkdir Lab01
    $ cd Lab01
  3. Do the following to prepare the examination:
    $ wget
    $ chmod +x UPDATE.x
    $ ./UPDATE.x
    $ rm -f UPDATE.x


  1. Let's acquire token for your work today.
  2. Afterwards, do Scripting Implementation problem. Use Scripting tutorial as the source of the syntax that you will use.
  3. Now continue by doing GPG Key construction tutorial (list private & public key).
  4. Last, do Submitting Your Public Key Tutorial.

Examination and Submission

  1. Execute genbio script
    $ genbio
  2. Do md5sum Tutorial.
  3. Do Examination Tutorial.
  4. Exit from Lab01 directory, then create a file named KELAS-NPM-Lab01.tar.bz2 contains Lab01 directory and its content. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, change with your KELAS (REG142, INT142, EXT142) and your student ID.
    $ cd ..
    $ tar cvjf TESTING-1202000818-Lab01.tar.bz2 Lab01/
  5. Do Assignment Submission in Scele to submit your compressed archive. Lab01 directory must contain these files:
    1. myself.txt
    2. tanya.txt
    3. jawab.txt
    4. .periksa
    5. kodesoal
    6. MD5SUM
    7. MD5SUM.asc
  6. This marks the end of the tutorial today.