Lab01: Operating System Fundamental Tutorial (revision 130911-r10KI)


  1. Have you joined SCELE Operating Systems? Further info is in forum.akademis: Reg/Matrix/EXT/KI.
  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
  3. Have you joined Projects? Report through SCELE Technical Problem should you find any problems!
Now let's start Lab01!
  1. Please start your Tiny Core then login with user tc and your new password. Open Terminal.
  2. If you, for one thing or another, are unable to provide your previous week's exported ova file, do the steps below:
    1. Download "ova Tiny Core semester berjalan" file at halaman unduh
    2. Import and start your downloaded file.
    3. Open Terminal.
    4. Create directory kuliahos and kuliahos/NPM in /extra. Don't forget to change NPM with your student ID!
      $ mkdir -p /extra/kuliahos/NPM/
    5. Continue the steps below.
  3. There are some updates to your Tiny Core files. Do the following:
    $ UPCEK
    $ UPCEK
    $ sudo su
    $ UPGRADE your_username
    New Password: fill in password
    Retype Password: fill in password
    $ su your_username
    $ UPCEK
    $ exit

    Change your_username with the username that you've made last week. You are advised to use the same password as last week's.
  4. We will change the permission of kuliahos directory and all files inside in /extra directory to be 777 so that they are editable by other users.
    $ chmod -R 777 /extra/kuliahos/
  5. Login with your username account. For example last week I made an account named ramot.stephanus.
    $ su ramot.stephanus
  6. Please continue with SVN.
  7. Please get your token for your work today.
  8. If you have your token, please do Initial Scripting.
  9. Please do the GPG Key construction tutorial (list private and public key).
  10. Please do tutorial md5sum.
  11. Please do Check and Collect your Work.
  12. Export your Tiny Core, save it to your disk and bring it next week.
  13. This is the end of today's tutorial.

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