Lab00 - Introduction to VM and Linux Terminal

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  1. Have you joined SCELE Operating Systems?
  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
  3. Report through SCELE Technical Problem should you find any problems!
  4. Remember, Uncle G is your friend!


  1. Boot your PC through ltsp (don't press any key during boot)
  2. Login using your account
  3. Open terminal and ssh with username mhs1xx on os1xx machine (Change xx with your assigned VM number).
    $ ssh
  4. Change your default password.
    $ passwd
  5. Input the current password (mhs1xx) and the new password twice.


  1. Let's login as admin and update the apt-get list.
    $ sudo su
    $ apt-get update
  2. Make sure that the Linux in the VM has these programs:
    1. gcc : Compile C & C++ code
    2. pdftk : Create PDF documents
    3. gnupg : Create digital signature (gpg)
    4. rng-tools : Emulate random bit generator quickly for gpg creation. For details please see this page
    5. JRE & JDK : Java programming. For details please see this page
    6. openssh : Connect through ssh port
    7. tar : Handle tar archive
    8. bash : Scripting syntax
    9. vim : text editor
    10. mdadm : create RAID drives
    11. zip : Handle zip archive
    12. bzip2 : Archive using bzip2 format
  3. Still in admin mode, add your own username that consist of your SIAK username (and thus password) to the VM as a sudo, so that in the next lab you will login using your own user. Enter the password you want when prompted.
    NOTE: We recommend using your SSO Account username and password so that you won't easily forgot either your username or password in the machine.
    $ adduser your_username
    $ adduser your_username sudo
  4. Exit from the current connection to your VM
    $ exit
    $ exit
  5. Re-login to your VM using your new username. Enter password when prompted.
  6. Make sure the programs above still work in your username.
  7. Open the terminal in your VM and do the Basic Linux Tutorial
  8. After that do the Basic vim Tutorial


  1. Make sure your Lab00 directory has all files to be submitted. Files to be submitted: dirlist.txt, NPM.txt, other files for pemeriksaan if needed.
  2. Back out from Lab00 directory
    $ cd ..
  3. Put all files in Lab00 directory into KELAS-NPM-Lab00.tar.bz2. For example my class is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, change with your CLASS (A160, B160, C160, D160, E160, EXT160) and NPM.
    $ tar cvjf TESTING-1202000818-Lab00.tar.bz2 Lab00/
  4. Copy the tar.bz2 file to your ltsp. For example using filename before and change username to your username used to login into ltsp. Enter password when prompted.
    $ scp TESTING-1202000818-Lab00.tar.bz2
  5. Your copied file should be located in your home folder in ltsp. Next Submit your document to Scele.
  6. Each student must also contact an assistant to give demo on his/her virtual machine.
  7. That's it, folks. Have fun for the rest of the week.

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