Lab 00 - Trying Tiny Core in Virtual Box (revision 140703-r03Ki)

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Hi! We will use Ubuntu in Lab and Tiny Core in Virtual Box for this semester Operating System course. This lab will give the initial tutorial needed for operating Tiny Core in Virtual Box.

Virtual Box is already installed in the lab computers. Please start Ubuntu in Lab and then start Virtual Box. If you want to use your own computer/laptop, please follow Virtual Box Installation tutorial.

Examining Tiny Core

For starters, let's do these 5 tutorials:
  1. Run Core Plus ova in Virtual Box.
  2. Change password for tc account in Tiny Core.
  3. Access Tiny Core in Virtual Box via SSH.
  4. Shut down Tiny Core in Virtual Box.
  5. Export modified Tiny Core from Virtual Box.

Piece of cake, isn't it? Now we will start the basic tutorial for Linux.


  1. Open Terminal in Ubuntu.
  2. Download UPDATE.x file, execute then remove.
    $ wget
    $ chmod 755 UPDATE.x
    $ ./UPDATE.x
    $ rm -f UPDATE.x


  1. Do Basic Linux Tutorial.
  2. Continue your work with Basic Vi Tutorial.
  3. Later on, do Scripting Tutorial.

Examination and Submission

  1. Still in Lab00, type this command:

    Fill out the form shown. You currently don't have any key right now, so just skip (Enter) the key request. When you're done, you will find a new file named myself.txt.
  2. Do Tar Tutorial.
  3. Exit from Lab00 directory, then create a file named KELAS-NPM-Lab00.tar.bz2 contains Lab00 directory and its content. For example my KELAS is TESTING and my NPM is 1202000818, change with your KELAS (REG142 for IK and SI Class, EXT142 for Extension Class, INT142 for International Class) and your student ID.
    $ cd ..
    $ tar cvjf TESTING-1202000818-Lab00.tar.bz2 Lab00/
  4. Lab00 directory must contain these files:
    1. myself.txt
    2. dirlist.txt
    3. NPM.txt
    4. kodetutor
    5. tanyatutor.txt
    6. jawabtutor.txt
  5. Do Assignment Submission in Scele to submit your compressed archive.
  6. That's it, folks. Have fun for the rest of the week.

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