Lab 00 - Trying Tiny Core in Virtual Box (revision 130911-r03)

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  2. Have you joined SCELE Arsip?
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Hi! We will use Tiny Core in Virtual Box for this semester Operating System course. This lab will give the initial tutorial needed for operating Tiny Core in Virtual Box.

Virtual Box is already installed in the lab computers. Please start Virtual Box now. If you want to use your own computer/laptop, please follow Virtual Box Installation tutorial.

For starters, let's do these 5 tutorials:
  1. Run Core Plus ova in Virtual Box.
  2. Change password for tc account in Tiny Core.
  3. Access Tiny Core in Virtual Box via SSH.
  4. Shut down Tiny Core in Virtual Box.
  5. Export modified Tiny Core from Virtual Box.
Piece of cake, isn't it? Now we will start the basic tutorial for Linux.
  1. Start your Tiny Core again, and then login using username tc and your passsword.
  2. Open Terminal.
  3. Do Basic Linux Tutorial.
  4. Afterwards, do FHS Tutorial.
  5. Now we will make more files. Do File making Tutorial.
  6. You've made three files with different permission. To be able to see the difference of the three, please do Permission Tutorial.
  7. This concludes today's tutorial. If you're eager to get bonus score, create a text file named Penjelasan_NPM.txt, within please explain the use of sudo, chmod, pwd, ifconfig, hierarchy list at / (root). Change NPM with your student number. Submit your work at Scele inside this thread in the form of attachment together with your dirlist.txt, NPM.txt and writable.txt.
  8. And then do again Export modified Tiny Core from Virtual Box. This time save your exported ova to flash disk and bring that for next week's tutorial.

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