Lab 08 - Change The Network (revision 121122-r05KI)

  1. Open Virtual Box, import your latest Tiny Core, but do NOT start the Tiny Core yet. If you forgot to bring your Tiny Core ova, do Oh No! I Forgot My Ova! Procedure but without starting the Tiny Core.
  2. Choose your Tiny Core, then click Settings.
  3. Click Network.
  4. Click Adapter 1, change the Attached to from NAT to Bridged Adapter. Click Adapter 2, tick enable network adapter and choose NAT. Click Adapter 1 again to change back to adapter 1.
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Change your Mac Address by following this formula:
    1. Take first two digits of your student ID (between 07, 08, 09, 10,11), use it as the first two digits of a new number.
    2. Take 3 last digits of your student ID, put as the third to fifth digits of that new number.
    3. Change the last 5 digits from the current Mac Address to the 5 digits of the new number.
    4. Example: My student ID is 1202000818. First two digits are 12, last three digits are 818. That makes my new number is 12818. I change my Mac Address from 080027F97229 to be 080027F12818.
    5. Change the Mac address for Adapter 2 too!
  7. Click OK.
  8. Now you may Start your Tiny Core.
  9. After the Tiny Core finished loading, click Control Panel.
  10. Click Network to show the Network Interface window.
  11. Change your IP Address to be, with xxx is a value based on these conditions:
    1. Last digit will depend on the position of the computer that you're currently use in lab.
    2. Number 1 starts from lab 1101 at the top-left most computer, then sequentially raise the number to the right. If you reach the rightmost side, the next count will be to the back side going to the left, and so on. For a clear picture, see the numbering example of lab 1101:
    3. This is the IP assignment for each labs:
      1. 1101: -
      2. 1103: -
      3. Lab KI: -
      4. 2601: -
  12. Fill in NameServers with
  13. Click Apply.
  14. Close the Network and ControlPanel windows.
  15. Tiny Core is ready to be used.

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