Change password for tc account in Tiny Core.


  1. If you use CorePlus_Ramot.ova, you will find out that there is an account named tc and it's already have password.
  2. Let's change the password to be your won. Click Terminal.
  3. Type this in terminal:
    tc@box:~$ passwd
  4. Fill in the old password, which is sistemoperasi
  5. Fill in your new password.
  6. Repeat the new password.
  7. Password for the tc account has changed. This password will be used when you connect to your Tiny Core through SSH from outside Virtual Box.


  1. Q: I typed my new password, but when I press enter the computer rejects my password with Bad password: too short or Bad password: too weak and such.
    A: Your password didn't fulfill the secure password terms. Increase the password length or use more combinations of letters, numbers and symbols.


62_chpass.png (20.2 KB) Ramot Stephanus Sihombing rast20, 07/09/2012 10:26

63_terminal.png (37.8 KB) Ramot Stephanus Sihombing rast20, 07/09/2012 10:26