Submitting Your Public Key to Key Server (revision 150916-r01)

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  1. Let's take a look again on the public key that we will send:
    $ gpg --list-keys
    pub   4096R/AB795A3D 2014-01-29
    uid                  Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk (Universitas Indonesia) <>
    sub   4096R/03DFF82B 2014-01-29
  2. In this example the public key ID used is AB795A3D. Replace it with your public key ID. Now send your public key.
    $ gpg --send-keys --keyserver AB795A3D
    gpg: sending key AB795A3D to hkp server
  3. Access Opendata Public Key Server
  4. Check whether your public key has successfully uploaded to server. The public key ID used here is the same with above, change it with your id. Use the format 0x[YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_ID] to search. Replace 0xAB795A3D to 0x[YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_ID]!
  5. You can also check using terminal:
    $ gpg --keyserver --search-keys 0xAB795A3D
    gpg: searching for "0xAB795A3D" from hkp server
    (1)    Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk (Universitas Indonesia) <>
          4096 bit RSA key AB795A3D, created: 2014-01-29
    Keys 1-1 of 1 for "0xAB795A3D".  Enter number(s), N)ext, or Q)uit >
  6. Your data will be shown if your public key has been successfully uploaded.
  7. Backup your public and private key by sending the data to your kawung profile:
  8. Now that your public key is already uploaded to server, we can continue with our next tutorial.

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