Process State Simulation (revision 160223-r01)

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  1. Download process status simulation files:
  2. Open and replace [TOKEN] with your student ID, [KELAS] with your class and [KETERANGAN] with appropriate comments (example: I totally know what this program do!)
  3. Compile the java file:
  4. Do genInput2 command to generate the input needed for the program. Replace NPM with your student ID:
    genInput2 NPM

  5. Do the process status simulation. Insert the input generated above when asked. Direct the output into a file named hasil.txt:
    java ProcessState >> hasil.txt

  6. Now see the output resulted by accessing hasil.txt:
    cat hasil.txt

  7. Do this simulation three times using three input sets that had been generated.
  8. Explain what you know about in WHAT-IS-THIS.txt file.

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