MD5SUM Tutorial (revision 150916-r01)

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  1. Let's check all the files that we created in Lab01 directory. We have made some text files and some scripts.
    $ ls -al
  2. We will make MD5SUM of all files that's in today's lab. This file will later be verified with your own GPG key.
    $ md5sum * > MD5SUM
    $ md5sum -c MD5SUM
    $ gpg --output MD5SUM.asc -ba MD5SUM
    $ gpg --verify MD5SUM.asc
  3. Take note that *.* can be changed to anything as you need, for example *.txt, dirlist.txt, etc
  4. There will be 2 files you've made, MD5SUM and MD5SUM.asc.
  5. This marks the end of MD5SUM tutorial.

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