Hard Disk Simulation (revision 151111-r01)

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  1. Download the Disk simulation files:
    wget https://projects.ui.ac.id/attachments/download/8323/Disk.java
  2. Change [KELAS], and [NPM] with your Class and student ID. For example:
    // ZCZC [KELAS] [NPM]
    // ZCZC INT 1106145295
  3. Compile Disk.java.
    javac Disk.java
  4. Run and watch the simulation.
    java Disk
  5. Fill out WHAT-IS-THIS.txt with your own explanation on Disk.java. Add it with what your know about Disk.

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Disk.java Magnifier (5.75 KB) Ramot Stephanus Sihombing rast20, 11/11/2015 12:11