Assignment Submission in Scele (revisi 140204-r01Ki)


  1. Make sure that your tar file has all the necessary files to be submitted. See the list on the main Page of Lab00.
  2. Open Scele OS and login.
  3. Click Assignments on the left side.
  4. You will see the list of Labs that is currently available. In this picture I put Lab98 just as example. When you submit Lab00, please click Lab00. For the next lab, please click the appropriate Lab link.
  5. Click Browse button and choose the tar file that you've made.
  6. Click Upload this file.
  7. If the upload is succeeded, Scele will give you success message. Click Continue to see your uploaded file.
  8. You will see your file submitted.
  9. If later on you are fixing your lab and will want to reupload your new work, just repeat the steps above to resubmit the work.
  10. Note: you must remember that all Labs has their own respective submission date range. If you miss the deadline, you will NOT be able to submit your Lab work. If you don't submit anything, your score for the respective Lab will be automatically 0, and this will NOT be negotiable.

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