Page Replacement Algorithm (Revision 140901-r02KI)

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  1. Download process status simulation file with this command:
  2. Extract the content of the file, and then delete the archive:
    tar -xzf VirtMem.tar.gz
    rm -f VirtMem.tar.gz
  3. Go to VirtMem folder
    cd VirtMem
  4. Run genInput command to create your input string and the sum of frame that will be used in your simulation. Do this command. Don't forget to change NPM with your student ID.
    genInput NPM

  5. Take note of your input string and sums of frame.
  6. Run the simulation:
    appletviewer SMPR.html
  7. Fill out the string sample with the input that you get from genInput program. Change the drop down menu from Random String to Sample String. Replace the frame sum with one of the sums of frame that you got before. For example the input string is "3 2 5 1 5 8 6 5 9 2 3 2 2 1 3 4 0 8 4 9 9 2 3 2" and sum of frame 2.
  8. Click the Start button to run the simulation. Take note of the page fault happened for the input string. Do this simulation three times for each sum of frame that you generated before. Replace the sum of frame and then click Start again. Take note of each sum of frame's page fault for each Algorithm.
  9. Close the simulation program and return to your Terminal.
  10. Exit from your simulation folder
    cd ..
  11. Create a file named WHAT-IS-THIS.txt and make note of all the simulation result that you've done.
  12. Delete VirtMem Folder
    rm -rf VirtMem

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