Token Query Tutorial (revision 140811-r01KI)

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  1. Open your favorite browser, get into apps os.
  2. Input username with your password, click Submit Query.
  3. You will be redirected do Summary page in apps os. Let's take a token for today's submission. Click Get New Token.
  4. Important: each new Labs, you must repeat the token initializing with pushing the "Get New Token" button. Do NOT copy the previous lab token to a new lab, it will be considered as a mistake when you check your work.
  5. Previous column will change to be your latest token. Please copy that token.
  6. We will insert to token to an example file. Please fill out this token into the files that are told to you on the current Lab!
  7. Back to Tiny Core, enter directory Lab00. Let's use vi text editor to change the content of dirlist.txt. We will add the topmost line with ZCZC TOKEN. Change TOKEN with your previously acquired token. Type these commands, notice that [enter] means you click Enter and [Esc] means you click Escape on your keyboard:
    $ cd ..
    $ cd Lab00
    $ vi dirlist.txt[enter]
    ZCZC 00QQNL[enter]
  8. dirlist.txt file is now containing your token.
  9. Do the above step for each files you are told to in the current Lab you're doing.
  10. This marks the end of Token Creation Tutorial.

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