Run Core Plus in Virtual Box (revision 130705-r01KI)


  1. We can import ova file that is made by others or ourselves. Let's try importing ova file that I made. Please download Ova Tiny Core Semester Berjalan in a certain folder that you can open again later.
  2. To import, click File -> Import Appliance. To choose the file, click Choose.

  3. Navigate to the file that you've just downloaded. Click Open.
  4. Click Next. You will be directed to Appliance Import Settings page. Change the location of Virtual Disk Image to the folder that you have permission to write permanent data, for example in lab computers you may save it to D:\. Change the location for all hard disks! Click Import to confirm.
    Example of a correct naming:

    Harap diperhatikan bahwa setiap hard disk memiliki nama yang unik untuk disimpan di folder yang sama.
    Example of a wrong naming:

    The naming above is wrong because you didn't give a different name for each virtual hard disk, that when you import to Virtual Box it will cause error because Virtual Box can not overwrite the same name.
  5. Virtual Box will import virtual machine that's available in the file. It will show there is a CorePlus system. Please click CorePlus and click Start.
  6. Sistem will load

    Click OK to all automation windows.

  7. When asked, fill username with tc and password with sistemoperasi

    Click OK again to all automation windows.
  8. You will boot into Tiny Core. Congrats!