Oh no! I Forgot My Ova! (revisi 130828-r01KI)

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  • You are in this page because you forgot to bring Ova files that you exported last week.
  • All the Lab work can only be done in Tiny Core in Virtual Box, so you can't do this Lab and given 0 score.

  1. Well, we're just kidding, duh.
  2. Download the newest usable Core Plus as usual in halaman unduh.
  3. Import the ova into Virtual Box. Start Core Plus, click Terminal and Change your password.
  4. Do the mulaiLab command:
    $ mulaiLab CLASS NPM

    Replace CLASS with your class and NPM with your student ID. Put in your SIAK password so that your .gnupg folder will be extracted in the correct place.
  5. After the script is done running, please test whether you've got your key installed with the command:
    $ gpg --list-keys

    pub 1024D/*A7F1EF32* 2012-09-16
    uid Ramot Stephanus (rast20) <>
    If your key is there, Core Plus is usable.
  6. Do the steps above everytime you forgot to bring the ova from previous week.

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