GNU Privacy Guard (revisi 130201-r04KI)

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  1. Before your do GPG tutorial, please create INFO directory inside your student_ID directory and submit it to SVN.
    $ cd TESTING/1202000818/
    $ mkdir INFO
    $ svn add INFO
    $ svn commit --username -m "commit INFO"
  2. IF YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR RESULT, please repeat these steps. Don't forget to remove the previous .gnupg product from your home directory.
    $ cd ..
    cd ..
    $ rm -rf ~/.gnupg

    Once you decide to use your current result, do NOT change the key again until the end of semester.
  3. Type the command:
    gpg --gen-key

    Please choose the option "DSA and Elgamal" (2) with size 2048 (default).
  4. Choose key does not expire (0). Complete your identity. Use your email, and give "OS" to the comment section. When you complete everything, type (O)kay.
    Please protect your KEY with SIAK passphrase (password) and YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD since it will be used for the whole semester. Back it up, type it on your computer, do whatever you need to do.
  5. Wait for some time until the entropy is enough for the creation of the key. While waiting, you can move your mouse and type randomly on the Terminal screen to allow the machine create enough random bytes quicker.
  6. To see available keys, use the command:
    gpg --list-keys
  7. Create PUBLIC KEY in a file named public-key.txt in INFO directory (for example is my directory 1202000818, change it with your directory)
    $ cd INFO/
    $ gpg --armor --export > public-key.txt

    GNU PG saves your private data in .gnupg directory. This directory is located at your home directory. Change your_username, NPM, KELAS with your username, student ID and your assigned class (KI140). We will save this information in an encrypted zip file and submit it to SVN so that when you lost your previous lab ova file you won't have to make GPG key again.
    $ cd /home/your_username/
    $ zip -er .gnupg/
    Enter password: Enter your SIAK Password
    Verify password: Verify entering your SIAK Password
    $ ls -al
    $ mv KELAS/NPM/INFO/
    $ svn add public-key.txt
    $ svn commit --username -m "key" 
    Store password unencrypted (yes/no)? no

  8. Please check your folder info in repository.
  1. Q: When I'm in the step of collecting entropy, GPG ends with message "not enough random bytes". What must I do?
    A: Repeat GPG steps, this time with doing anything like clicking mouse, start firefox browser, typing random chars in keyboard, anything when entropy collecting is happening.

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