Checking Your Work (revision 130730-r04KI)

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  1. Click on Terminal.
  2. Go to the directory that will be checked. Today we will check Lab01. Please change the Lab according to your current Lab session.
    cd TESTING/1202000818/Lab01/

    Replace TESTING with your CLASS (KI140) and 1202000818 with your student_ID.
  3. Check your lab:
    $ UPCEK
    $ LAB
  4. Sistem will check your work automatically. All errors will be given as error lines. So if you do everything correctly, your work is correct.
    Correct example:

    Wrong example:
  5. This checking method can be used for all Labs that will be done, except Lab 00.
  6. Now you can submit your work to SVN server
  7. Exit Lab01 directory, submit your work to svn
    $ cd ..
    $ svn add Lab01/*
    $ svn commit -m "Submit Lab01"

This marks the end of Checking Your Work tutorial.

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