Permission Tutorial (revision 130703-r02Ki)

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  1. Let's create a new user to try the permission of the files that we've made.
  2. Login as root, then add a new user based on your complete name, each words separated by dot. Fill in a password that is pretty complicated (contains capital, number, sign) so you don't encounter error from TinyCore. Example:
    $ sudo su
    $ adduser ramot.stephanus
  3. Now please login to the user that you've created
    $ su ramot.stephanus
  4. Enter directory /extra/kuliahos/NPM/Lab00. Replace NPM with your student ID.
    cd /extra/kuliahos/1202000818/Lab00
  5. Foreach file dirlist.txt, NPM.txt and writable.txt, do these things (change name_berkas.txt with your current target file):
    $ vi nama_berkas.txt
    horray it's writable!

    Watch the comment that will be given by the computer when you want to access the file. Tips: when you want to end the change with typing ":wq:" and the computer lists that error happened, the change that you've made is not to be saved. You can just exit from the file by typing ":q!"
  6. In the end of this tutorial you are expected to be able to see the difference of permissions that we've given to a file/directory.

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